Saturday, March 28, 2009

House Mouse Monday Challenge #30

Well, I am officially blogging. My intentions are to post cards in challenges. For now, that's my goal, but shortly, I will deck this bloggyblog out, personalize it and hop on the BlogTrain, but for tonight, since it's already late and all, I just want to get my card for the House Mouse Challenge #30 posted. Let's see if I can figggggurrrrr this out.Slightly closer, a little brighter:

Okay, that was painless!! This is my take on HMMC's shaped card. It is supposed to resemble a panorama sugar egg (you know the eggs with the little scene inside it.) I've been endlessly fascinated with them since I was a youngster and recieved one as a gift from my Godmother. Though the picture isn't the best, I think the card turned out nicely.


scrapperjulia said...

Welcome to Blogland! I just started blogging cards for challenges 2 months ago, you will love it! I love your card! I love how it looks like a decorated egg, great job with the challenge!

Els G. said...

Congratulations on your blog!
Love your HM egg card! And the posting worked out perfectly too!

Carri said...

What a cute egg card

Kris Dickinson said...

You blog is so magical and this piece is a pure delight!~