Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Penny Black Saturday Challenge #42

Good evening to anyone who might take a peek at this. I have been wanting to join in with the PBSC for a while now, there are so many great designers and you bloggers make such beautiful things, I hope mine at least sort of measures up. When I do follow along at home, Saturday's usually come and gone by the time I complete the challenge. Not so this week. No, this week, I am more than timely. And what a perfect subject: think SPRING!!! I have been thinking about Spring since about 2 weeks into winter....

So, without further ado, here is the card.
The close-up:.

Thanks for taking a look at the card, drop me a comment if you wish. I love feedback =)
Good night.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Older challenges that I've followed along with

Good evening to all, I am excited to be up and running in BlogLand. In an effort to stay true to my motivating factors, I thought I'd put some of my older challenge cards up that never actually made it onto the challenges due to email troubles and my resistance to blogging.

Surprise!!!! This was for the House Mouse Monday Challenge #23-Valentines!!! Kinda hard to break out of the mold with this one. The hearts from the image are embossed and the heart cutouts are handmade, tried to make them look antiqued, some turned out better than others. The inside of the card said something corny like, "Let's hope love is the only thing in the air tonight," I am sort of a germaphobe.

This card means a lot to me, it was made for a friend of mine whose having a hard time adjusting to her knockers after a recent breast reduction. What better image than this one by Penny Black? On the inside, there are a bunch of lame "need some support" references that fit into our current predicament. On the outside, I used some hemp rope over the laundry line, and I peirced the laundry pins out of another image and stuck them on here with foam mounts. The butterflies were also pierced out of another image, but not before I embossed them!! It was my entry for Penny Black Saturday Challenge #36-A Sketch by Nat. Love it.

This was for House Mouse Monday Challenge #25, a sketch- designed by Jami. It was a card for my cousin. The balloons are embossed and in real life, there's no greenish cast on it. Stinkin' digital cameras. I love the structure of a sketch challenge, it helps me use my supplies instead of just pulling them out and looking at them. This one is posted on the HMMC page.

Here is my card for the House Mouse Monday Challenge #27, Chipboard. This card was for my cousins birthday. I used Kay and Company chipboard adhesive buttons and the Hopper is pierced and remounted on a handcut chipboard circle that I attempted to give a paper mache effect. This was quite a challenge, chipboard never seems to fit into projects. Moral to the story, I should buy a retractor, look at my oval/circle mutation!!

For those who might check this out, I'd love your input and thanks so much for taking a look. Leave me a comment if you wish, I'd like to hear from other crafters and I can't wait to lurk around your blogs!! Good night!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

House Mouse Monday Challenge #30

Well, I am officially blogging. My intentions are to post cards in challenges. For now, that's my goal, but shortly, I will deck this bloggyblog out, personalize it and hop on the BlogTrain, but for tonight, since it's already late and all, I just want to get my card for the House Mouse Challenge #30 posted. Let's see if I can figggggurrrrr this out.Slightly closer, a little brighter:

Okay, that was painless!! This is my take on HMMC's shaped card. It is supposed to resemble a panorama sugar egg (you know the eggs with the little scene inside it.) I've been endlessly fascinated with them since I was a youngster and recieved one as a gift from my Godmother. Though the picture isn't the best, I think the card turned out nicely.