Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Easel Card Overhaul for Creative Inspirations Easel Card Challenge

Hello my ladies, it is Wednesday,
time for another challenge at
Creative Inspirations,
and as the title indicates,
it's an EASEL CARD challenge, yahoO!!
Quick, what do Michael Jackson and Tilda have in common?
Will it be a nose joke??
She's not wearing one glove, so that can't be it...
Why, it must be those shoes then!!
And R.I.P Michael, or Aruba,
whichever theory you're privy to believing.
Just funny how anytime something BIG
is happening here in American politics,
Michael Jackson pops up,
been touching kids in their no-no's,
dangling babies off a balcony,
turned himself white, for the love of Pete.
It's him, or Brittany Spears.
"Brittany, things are getting hot here in Congress,
we're gonna need you to flash your cooter,
that will take their minds at ease as we
pursue this ever-pointless War on Terror."

Woah woah woah.
I don't do politics.
This is why.

Soooooo, how have you all been? Well, I hope!!
I finished that revamp I eluded to in my last post,
make no mistake about it, I am cheating!!
Using the same project for different samples.
Naughty, I know,
but most of my stuff is still inaccessable
and time has not been on my side either.
Now before I launch into another rant,
let me show you what you're here for:

This is Sweet Tilda coloured in distress inks and glittered with Stickles and Icycle Stickles, she's layered and popped up on foam dots, with her "aura" a lovely shade of Faded Jeans, the delectable papers are from Magnolia as well, not from them, they are FROM Kellie aka Wafflelicious of Tickled Pink Stamps, they are BY Magnolia, phew, it's getting late. That delectable ribbon and bow, oh yumminess, the fabulous Elise sent them my way, as well as some of the flowers you see here, thanks again Sugarplum.

I took some pearls strings and smooshed them ever-so slightly to make flourish-esque shapes and cut off some of those neat Dollar Store sprigs I recently scored and glued some into my little flower pile, the sentiment is a little section of a Penny Black sentiment, the "love" charm is by Blue Moon Beads and the "made with love" heart charm I bought from 7 Kids and I can't remember the name of the company that made them.

Well, thought I should tell you all that I inadvertantly chemically aggravated my sinus passages with oven cleaner, CLR, Comet and Clorox used within a relatively short proximity of time and in a seperate state of affairs, had to take my son to the hospital because he has/had aqcuired a disturbing bacterial infection. Aren't we a fun bunch. So add that to my pile of good times, lol. I apologize for being a crappy blogger, there are many MANY visits that I'd like to make, but find myself without the time to do it right. You know me, a simple, "Nice Card" comment won't suffice. As for me and my chemical joys, well, inhaling houselold cleanserss for hours on end with already irritated sinuses is never a good idea, really, so that is how I am doing... As of about 4 pm today, I was able to walk without weaving and my ears seem like they will stop ringing soon? I hope.

Sooooo, I used this months Magnolialicious sketch, and that about wraps it up. Wow, now that is a waffle!! I hope you all are doing well, I've been running through my Google reader each morning checking out the little snippets of beautiful projects everyone is making and can I just say WOW!!! Lovin' it!! So much Tilda lately!! Who could resist? Certainly not me!! Until next time!!


Elise said...

Oh my gosh Stephanne! See what happens when you keep cleaning?! Woman, you work so hard!!! Thank heavens you're alright! That's some dangerous stuff there! And as for your little guy, I do hope he'll be good to go soon! Is he doing any better? I surely hope so! You all need a nice relaxing day at the beach with nice fresh clean air! And on the way back to Cali ... stop by my house will ya?! :) We'll give you your needed rest and relaxation .. well, if our 2 sons are playing .. ummm ... forget the R&R ... we'll just shoot for attainable goals ... like .. we'll just feed you. lmao!!!

Anyway! On to your card! I tell ya, I love how you did your little "aura". When I do something like that, it just looks like ... smeared ink. Of course Tilda is as pretty as can be on your sweet lovely card .. shoot .. anything on a creation of yours is pretty! Another FABULOUS creation by the one and only Stephanne!!! Love it sweetheart!

Big Hugs,

Juls said...

so fabulous, love the soft colours and her gorgeous glittery shoes! Hugs Juls

Handmade with Love said...

Oh Stephanne you do make me laugh! I hope your son gets better soon and that your sinuses are better, you know what you should do - NO CLEANING! As for the politics we have our elections here in the UK next week but I don't think we have an equivalent of Michael Jackson or Britney to bring out so our parties just pick on each other! I love the card, that Tilda looks so good she looks like she is going to walk straight off that card, your colouring as always is amazing and I love all the embellishments you have used. Hope your week improves mate! Tracey xxxx

Anonymous said...

Wow, Stephanne, I hope you and your son feel better soon! This card was gorgeous before the overhaul, and it's even more beautiful now! I love the flowers and pearls!

Aunty Sue said...

Hi hope the little man is soon back to normal and take it easy girl. Love the easel and you did make me laugh. Take and hugs Sue xx

Fran said...

Wow, was it the oven cleaner fumes that inspired that dose of waffles? You know, I was just thinking today that people don't talk about Britney Speares' cooter enough in their crafty blog posts, thanks for the mental image... I was not disturbed enough already :) Seriously, I laughed so much I nearly wet myself!
Love the re-invention of Tilda, she is stunning as always!

BA said...

so adorable!!!
have a nice day
xoxo BA

Debbie Pamment said...

Hahaha - you are giving Waffles Kel a run for her title here!!! But as always your creation is fantabulous - love all the sweetness in this gal!

Michelle Custodio said...

Just pure lovely. I also want to have this cardmaking project. It is adorable.

Unknown said...

You are so funny! I love laughing over your posts he he he. Good luck with the cleaning fumes...and take care : )
Alicia xx

Marlene said...

Oh, you poor thing. Aggravated sinus passages can be a pain in the nose. Hope your son is feeling better.

Your card, my dear, is FANTABULOUS as always. I love what you did with it. I'm going to use it as inspiration for a card I am working on today, I think. :)

Miss you over at my blog...but no guilt. No, really. ;)

Ellen said...

Hi Stephanne hope you and your son are feeling much better now !!
I had to laugh a little when I saw your post about the card but you did a great job the card was beautiful but is more beautiful now !!
A gorgeous card !!
Hugs, Ellen

Kimba-Slydog said...

So gorgeous!!! I love the light colors.


Linda Coughlin, the funkie junkie said...

Hey Stephanne, hope you will be feeling better real soon. Now I know why I only use natural products to clean with - done with those nasty fumes! Hope your little guy is doing better too. Love your Tilda card. We'll forgive you for re-engineering it. In fact, I may need to borrow that tactic as I am horribly overcommitted and trying to get ready for a 10 vacation, all the while trying to cram all that extra card making into the next few days - LOL!! Hope your life settles down soon!!


Claire Phillips said...

Great revamp! Hope you are both feeling better soon. I think we are all too hard on ourselves as far as blogging goes - give yourself a break! Cheers Claire x

Jodie from Oz said...

Stephanne, OMG, sounds like you have been through a rough time, hope you & your little one is feeling better soon. I agree with Debbie you are givin ol waffles a run for her title. Your card is beautiful before and after the overhaul. Big hugs Jodie from Oz