Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Creative Inspirations Colour Challenge!!

Hello ladies and possibly a gentleman,today is Wednesday and that means it is time for a new challenge over at
Creative Inspirations,
and it is an interesting one for you,
Oh yes, this one is a doozy for ladies who like to stay on the neutral side, and I MUST ALSO ADD that we are stringent about our colour combo, the only other colours we are accepting are skin tones, hair and white on your projects. Have fun!!!
Nat, our fearless leader over at Creative Inspirations has been super cool about letting me hold back a project to coordinate with another project in the works that I will be posting this weekend, and here is a litte snippet of what I'm brewing up.

What could it be? What is that???
I hope I've spiked your curiousity while at the same time showing that these colours CAN work together, lol!! Wanna know a little secret? I was recently invited on as a guest over at Kellie Winnells Tickled Pink Stamps and there is a big reveal to be made this weekend, yep, little aforementioned snippet is coming back into play. Head on over to Tickled Pink Stamps store blog HERE to get in on the action and maybe, just maybe... see how you could be in the running for some NEW RUBBA!!! So I got my Pink Jacket on, ooh, it fits just right, lol!! And I hope you will come back and visit me this weekend as I have several posts to come.


Aunty Sue said...

oh wow got me guessing now cant wait to see.

Marlene said...

You tease! I want to see more. :)

Elise said...

Okaaaayyyyy.... hmmmm. I'm very very curious! Is this something to do with an Alice in Wonderland image?! I'm gonna sit here and twiddle my thumbs and wonder about it for a moment. Nope, nope, nope, mind is blank and going in circles! Soooo ... I'll have to wait in suspense until your new postings! lol!!! I love suspenses (is that a REAL word?) like these!!!
Big Hugs to You!

Janiel/ janny said...

LOL>.. Hey teamie I wish you would post that cute looking thing.. YOUR KILLING ME HERE!!! LOL

hugs, Janiel

Jennifer said...

can't wait to see! xx Jenny xx