Monday, August 2, 2010

Lil Lolita's Digi Event this weekend at TPS!!

Hey there my blogger buddies,
just wanted to pop in to let you all know that
Kellie of Tickled Pink Stamps
is having a digi-event this weekend
to promote and share her Lil' Lolita's images
with all of us out there.
Maybe you've wanted to check them out but
don't want to wait for the postman to show up,
or just plain detest paying for postage (like me),
perhaps you are sort of ho hum about the images,
like you want to, but your just not sure....
Well, now's your chance to do a little sampling
of the images in digi format,
LOVE that instant gratification!!

Who's that girl?
Why, it's 20's Evie from TPS latest Lil Lolita's release
out for a leasurely stroll around Blogland,
get back on my craft desk, woman!!

For those digi-pro's, you might have been WAITING for this,
for digi-newbies like myself,
I'd be more than happy to share the little bits of knowledge I know about colouring digi prints or send links to tutorials I've seen if you are interested in the opportunity to invite these little ladies into your stamp collection for less than the cost of rubber stamps :) Hop on over to the store blog for all the details!!!

Happy Digi Stamping,

P.S. Got my new computer today, the "Geek Squad" will be out this weekend to set everything up for this sh*t-for-brains, wish me luck!!


Tina said...

Thanks for the info! I will check it out. As for your computer YIPPEE! I am such a gadget junkie and love getting new toys to play with. I hope you enjoy it! :D

Marlene said...

These images look so cute. Thanks for the heads up. Good luck with the geek squad, chicky. Don't let them trick you. They're crafty buggers. ;)

Elise said...

Wahoooo for the new computer!! Yayyy! Oh gosh, I know what it's like to finally have a computer that WORKS again ... hehe! As for the computer geeks that will come out to help .. well, you do it the smart way. I on the other hand do it myself and just CROSS my fingers that it works. LOL!!!

Thanks for the info on the digi's! And by the way, you've coloured this lil lolita as GORGEOUSLY as you always do! Goodness gracious woman, your colouring skills never fails to pop my eyeballs out! lol!

ps ... hope you're having a good start to your week! ;)

Big Hugs to You!

Aunty Sue said...

oh wow i love my digi's as you already know and cant wait did think about buying the odd one to try but as you say postage is silly from the other side of the world. Roll on weekend.

Lorraine said...

hi hun i so can't wait for those lil digis xx

Kellie said...

Naw she looks stunning but you crack me up! With your get back to the craft desk call hahahaha! NEW computer WOOT WOOT that's awesome!
Hugs Kel xx