Friday, August 6, 2010

Some Lil Lolita's Digi Candy!!!

***CLOSED as of 2:00 am CST 8/7/10***

Hello my friends,
in celebration of the Lil Lolita's Digi Adventures,
I asked Kellie if we could supply you all with a little candy,
so of course, the overly-geneous Kellie said yes!!
So we are offering 3 digi stamps to
one lucky winner,
all you have to do is go by
Tickled Pink Stamps,
pick out your 3 favourite Lil Lolita's images,
then come back here and leave me a comment
telling me which Lil Lolita images are your fave.
After you've done that, add your name to Mr. Linky
and we will draw a winner in 24 hours!!
Yep, this is a quicky candy,
you can spread the word if you'd like, or don't....
That increases your odds, lol!!

Also, for your viewing pleasure, you can stop by the
TPS Store Blog
and also the Lil Lolita's Boutique
for ideas and inspiration!!!

Good luck!!!
Stephanne, on behalf of
The Pink Ladies


Alberto said...

All the lil lolita stamps are wonder!
but my favourite are the stamps in the image!

Hugs, Albert ^-^

(sorry for my wrong english!)

JustaFewDesigns said...

Hi...OH! ALL the images are awesome and would look wonderful on cards, but if I had to pick 3 favs it would be Evie, Ivy and Lilith they all look like they have a story to tell!!
Thanks for the quick challange!!
huggs Elsa

Susan Says (Stupid Stuff) said...

Oh I was drooling over these yesterday and hated having to narrow it down, but alas, my bank balance insisted that I couldn't have all of them :P
So the ones that I Love but don't have yet are: Lylah, Ivy and 80's Sookie (Sadly, I'm pretty sure I went out in the 80's in outfits pretty much like the one she's wearing; leg-warmers ra-ra skirt and big plastic beads. Obviously, Sookie looks fab, but seriously, what were the rest of thinking? :P

Gina said...

Wow, never been to Tickled Pinks store before, all her images are S weet! May fav's (for now) would have to be Lilith, fashionette 80's Sookie and fashionette 60's Willow :D XXX

Lau W said...

Oh wow ! i want to play !
well, all these stamps are fabulous. But I choose 60'Ivy because I had the same dress and shoes lol, Kellita i love her hairs, and 60' Willow she's cool !
Happy to play with you, it's fantastic !

Annika said...

I love Fashionette 30's Lylah, Fashionette 60's Ivy and Lilith.

Oohhh, fingers crossed I'll be lucky! lol

Jenny V. said...

All images are wonderful but my fav would be Lil Lolita Fashionette 60's Willow.

lis-m said...

lolita's as digis...tooo good to miss.. i love 'em . thanks for the chance to win xxxxxxxxxxx

lis-m said...

lolita's as digis...tooo good to miss.. i love 'em , especially , willow , sookie and ivy. thanks for the chance to win xxxxxxxxxxx

Tina said...

They are all gorgeous but here are the 3 I've chosen. Willow, Lylah & Lilith! Thanks for a chance to win these and good luck to everyone else! :D
Hugs TIna

Lorraine said...

oh wow great candy i bought one yesterday but i wanted to get more but funds are very loww but anyway the 3 i would choose are Kellita,Sookie and lolita evie thankyou for this great oppotunity xx

Renkata said...

Hi Steph.
wow great candy dear.
I like : "Lil Lolita Fashionette
20' Evie; Lil Lolita Evie;
Lili Lolita Fashionette 60's Willow"

They are so beautiful and make me feel romantic.

Kiksisworld said...

I love them all it was really difficult to pick just 3. Here is my choice:
Evie, Ivy, Willow

Thank you for the candy

Hugs Kiksi

Lexi said...

i love them all lol but if i had to pick i guess...20's evie, 80's sookie, kellita as i dont have them yet lol...thanks for the quicky candy :D a post will be on my blog in about an hour as i'm in middle of packing house up lol
<<runs off before hubby catches me

hugs Lexi xxx

Marlene said...

Oh how sweet!

My top three:

50's Lilith
60's Willow
80's Sookie

Sarah said...

Its so hard to pick just three, but here they are fashionette 20 evie, 50's lilith, and lil lolita lilith. Thanks for the chance at some very cute candy!

Cathy Spicer said...

What ADORABLE digis!!! The entire digi release is fabulous, but my top 3 would be:
Fashionette 60's Willow
Fashionette 80's Sookie

Loz said...

Oooh, the 3 favs that I would love but don't yet own are definitly Lolita Evie, 60s Ivy and 80s Sookie! I love Sookie - how awesome were the 80s!!! Thanks so much for the chance to win ♥

Marilyn Webb said...

I love them all, but my fav 3 are
Lil Lolita Lilith
Fashionette 30's Lylah
Fashionette 20's Evie
thanks a bunch

Camishel said...

Its so hard to pick favorites they are all so cute! I guess my three would be 50's Lillth, 80's Sookie and Ivy.

Annemarie en Merit said...

What a loveley images, we like

20's Evie,30"s Lylah and 60"s Ivy

We keep our finhgers crossed.

love Annemarie en Merit

chrilvian said...

i already bought 60willow

i like lilith, ivy........and sookie, she remind me of the time of madonna in the 80's...and i adore madonna

Claire Phillips said...

Oooo they are all fab but I am liking
50's Lilith,30's Lylah and 60's Willow...
But they are all such fun images!Thanks for the chance. Cheers Claire x

Kathy Czygan said...

They're all so cute it's hard to choose, but.....right now my favs are...Fashionette 60's Willow and
Lil Lolita Kellita Limited Edition
and Lil Lolita Evie
Thanks for this quick challenge! I hope I win!

Pamela said...

OMG So hard to choose. They are all super! I would love to receive Fashionette 60's Ivy, Lil Lolita Lylah and/or Willow. They are all adorable! thanks for a chance!

Pamela Lengyel said...

OmG so hard to choose. I would pick Lil Lolita Fashionette 60's Ivy, Lil Lolita Lylah and Willow.
Thanks for a chance to win!

Pamela Lengyel said...

OMG love them all. If I would have to pick I would say 60's Ivy, Lolita Lylah and Willow. Thanks for the opportunity.