Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Design Team Calls for MDUC, Creative Inspirations and guest spot for TPS

Hello ladies,
I just wanted to pop in and let you all know of a couple of things going on in Blogland. Not too long ago, I made the hard choice to leave Magnolia Down Under, in addition to a few other girls leaving as well. While it was not easy, I felt that the spot would be better suited for someone else.
And guess what??????
Now's the time for that someone else to get on over there,
because they are hosting a DT call
that is open until September 11th,
please drop by The DT Call for more details!!
You will love working with the lovely ladies at MDUC,
they are a hoot and a true pleasure to create alongside!!

In a similar note, Creative Inspirations is hosting a Design Team call as well. After losing several members, myself included, it is time to let a few other talented ladies take over the throne at Creative Inspirations, the call will run until September 22nd, you can click HERE for all the details. While weekly challenges can seem hectic, I must say from personal experience that Nat is incredibly well organized and communicates well, making things very easy on the team.

It is hard to leave, and the decision on leaving these teams was not easy,
so this will serve as my formal announcement,
as I generally prefer to sneak out undetected as far as my blog is concerned.
On the flip-side, I "resign" like a pro,
giving 2 weeks notice, contributing til the end, etc.
Odd, isn't it... Still working on finding that inner balance, lol.
So to clear things up,
I am long gone from MDUC and
next week will be my last for Creative Inspirations.

Okay, okay, okay, I've got one more for you here,
and this has nothing to do with me leaving,
just a fun little something to invite you over to:
Tickled Pink Stamps
is looking for a celebrity guest to spotlight
our fabulous Tickled Pink products.
The call is open til September 10th and you can
head on over HERE
for all the details.

Kind of a weird post, eh?
Sorry about that....


sallysbitz2 said...

Sorry to hear you have left several posts .... but i suppose you have to have a balance too.

I know i would panic if i had too much to do!

Still, keep crafting and putting up on your blog to share with all fellow bloggers out there xx

Aunty Sue said...

Hi Stephanne oh didnt realise you where leaving magnolia downunder too. OMG you are going to be missed by soo many people and it has been a honour to have knowned and worked with you. You are not getting away i shall be keeping an eye on you. Great Big Hugs missing you already because you will be gone by the time i am fit. Sue xx