Tuesday, September 14, 2010

When toddlers strike....

CAUTION: Never leave toddlers unattended in your craft space!!!

Can I salvage this?
Come back later and find out....
There's either going to be a finished project
or a photo of me with all my hair ripped out, lol.
I should know better!!!
What a rookie move....

P.S. I can't blame all that slop on my kid, when I know I am going to cut out an image, I throw caution to the wind while colouring and get paint all over the place.


Handmade with Love said...

OOps! Was beautifully coloured again, I think the green pen adds a nice touch! Look forward to seeing whether you can rescue it! Tracey x

Emma and Susan said...

Hilarius!!!!!!! You have just given me a right laugh!!!...Hope you can rescue it!!!
Big hugs

Patricia Mae said...

Awe I feel for you but that is to cute for words. Maybe that's a hint that TSB needs a kids challenge blog.

Elise said...

I am giggling my butt off over here!!! Oh dear lord ... your little guy is a little sweet rascal! Guess he must've thought he'd give it that "extra little touch" of color. hehe!! I can just picture your eyeballs when you found this .. lmao!!!! Sigh ... what would we do without these little men in our lives huh?! Don't throw it away .. keep it and give it to him when he's older and tell him the story. ;) oh woman .. thanks for giving me the giggle I needed! :)

Big Hugs to You!

Andrea C said...

hehe made me laugh as I know exactly what you mean happens all the time, I hope you can fix it doesn't look too bad but the colouring does look fabby x

Tina said...

Oops. I have no doubt you will be able to salvage this. I can't wait to see what you do!

Jennibee's Cardspot said...

Ha Ha, Priceless!! you should frame it, believe me, these memories are golden when they are grown up and gone!!
Love Jenni

Tracey Feeger said...

Oh my hahahahahaha I have to just laugh. That would happen to me too if I left unattended so I never do.

Kylie said...

Oh Stephanne! My 2y/o did that to me once. It was really NOT funny at the time... but I guess I can laugh now... AT YOU!! hehehe No, thats not fair. Oh Hun, I'm sorry! But yeessss.... my kids are not allowed in my craft area ever again! Maybe just colour a new face seeing as though you're cutting her out anyway?

Annika said...

mwahahaaa... well, you didn't do TOO bad - at least there weren't any Stazon pads involved. That stuff really and truly does what it says on the tin...sigh