Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Inking Pink Candy Winner and a heartfelt thank you

Hello everyone, I'd like to thank each and every one of you who came to visit me along their way through the Inking Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Blog Hop. Many of you left encouraging and supportive words, many of you felt welcomed enough to share your stories with me as well, and for that I thank you!! I read each and every comment, and as you all read, I feel your pain. Thank you everyone, I am glad to be part of such a warm and caring community.

Now onto my fundraiser candy!! Firstly, let me say that this was my first attempt at putting together an online charity drive, and as it were, it came together at the last minute. Next year, I intend to host another charity event, but I will put it together a wee bit more professionally, get the companies charity button instead of my own and just, try, try again. I'd like to thank everyone who found it in their hearts to donate to the National Breast Cancer Foundation and
I am pleased to report that together, we've raised a grand total of $89!!! Wahoo!!!! And since I like things nice and even when it comes to $$$$, I went ahead and rounded our donation up to $100.00 big ones, yahooo!!!!!

Thank you all, really, I can't say it enough!! It is very touching to me that you all have shown me such support. I have only talked about my mothers cancer to one other person and that is Elise, so sharing the story on the WWW, well, that was difficult, but you all made it far less painful with your supportive and caring comments, thanks once again.

And now for the winner of my candy-by-pledge, that would be lucky #5, Renkata!!
Woohoo!!! Please send me an email that says PRIZE in the subject line so I can pop that into the post for you this week!!

Hahahaha, nice picture, right?

I'll be back tomorrow with a Belles n' Whistles project and that blog candy I mentioned a couple weeks ago.
Until then, sending cyber hugs,


Renkata said...

Hi Stephanne,
wow great amound !
Thanks for the precious candy!

Shazza said...

congrats to the winner. I still never managed the hop but I still plan to check it out.

Andrea C said...

omg I totaly missed this, I am so sorry as would have love to have participated have barely been on last few weeks, Wow you did really well raising that much, congrats x