Monday, May 14, 2012

Winner of my blogoversary candy!!

Hi there blogging friends!! The time has come for me to draw a winner from the comments left under this post!! Thank you to all who entered for sharing your stories with me!! Animals bring such a joy to me, and apparently, a lot of you all too!!! So thank you thank you thank you all for dropping by and leaving me your stories!!

So without further ado, random number generator popped out 30, so that means that Anreda is the lucky lady in todays drawing!! And I hope you don't mind my sharing your answer to the required question: tell me your favorite animal and why!!

My favorite animals are cats and of course especially my cat "Tiger".

Unfortunately it is not such a big hero as the name suggests, but she is extra nice to us.

The many birds in our garden already know her and know that they can feel free by eating. "Tiger" goes (before the "attack") first sitting. Than in the attack position with her ​​ass back, tail to high and then a little jump and then.... she walks all mewing to the birds.
The birds therefore have more than enough chance to fly away and come back later quietly.

Her friends, the fish in the pond, pulling really nothing of her, because if they come too close to swimming to "Tiger", she runs away screaming ...

She is no hero, not a real "Tiger" ... but owww ... w hat is she sweet, loved and
pendent and what will I miss her when she is no longer among us.

My little girl, my little "Tiger"

But of course I want to just state why I have become a follower of your blog. I'm through, through, through ended up on your blog and I love your creations.
Especially the stamp with TuTu Sweet is very cute.
I hope you get lots of inspiration and will certainly often just come to "visit".

Regards, Anreda
Excellent answer, my friend!! Please get in touch with me through my email at to claim your prize, and please write BLOG PRIZE in the subject line, so I can recognize your email from the loads of spam I get!!

Thanks again to all who entered!!

Big Hugs, stephanne


Linda (Lindyloo) said...

Congratulations Andrena. I love your little story about Tiger, she sounds too cute.
All the best Linda x

Emily H said...

Wow! What a great answer! Congrats!

Annette Bowes said...

Congratulations Anrena, love your Tiger storyX:)

Annette Bowes said...

Congratulations Anrena, love your Tiger storyX:)

Heidi said...

Congratulations to the lucky winner:)
Hugs, Heidi:)

Anreda said...

Wow, I ... or actually "Tiger" won ....
I will "Tiger" thoroughly spoiled tonight with some goodies!
Thanks for all your kind reactions, too bad you did not know her :(

I will immediately send an email with my details.
Yoohoo ... I'm so happy !

Hugs, Anreda

Aunty Sue said...

Congrats and love the story thanks for sharing with us.