Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bumblin' Blogger Bummer

Hi folks,
I don't think I am alone in finding it next to impossible to visit this week.
75% of the links I've tried to access shut down (abort) on me.
There are a great many people whose projects I want to see up close and personal
but while Blogger is on hiatus, those visits will have to wait.

However, from those itty bitty frames displayed in "my Dashboard"
everybody's been beautifully crafting their little fingers off!!

So I will see you soon, I hope....

1 comment:

Kris Dickinson said...

Hi Stephanie,

Thanks for your post about the aborting on Blogger on my blog. I finally have the answer to WHY my Blog sometimes opens 20 windows at once. I thought it was only me but after you posted, I realized that it only started once I had added the Followers Gadget. I think I spent over $100. on anti-virus software to try to fix that and now I find out that it was that gadget, arrrrrrr!!! I am eternally grateful for your info and again I thank you for posting it on my blog. I think I'm done with the Followers gadget, even if they fix it. Too bad too because that was a nice touch, I thought. Have a great day! - Kris