Saturday, October 17, 2009

Get your Magnolia Sneaky Peek on!!

Have you seen the latest Magnolia releases?
So Jolly and Under The Mistletoe
are just as precious as you'd imagine.
Bank accounts beware, you are going to be emptied!!!

Kellie has given us a sneaky peak at these gems,
head on over to Magnolia Down Under
and take a looksie at the new line.
Make sure you have a spare half an hour to drool over them
and a tissue to wipe up the drool puddles.
Kellie's an enabler, she's got me thinking where
I can pinch money from to get my mitts on some of these stamps,
and you, my friend, you're not getting away
without the added temptation!!
Head on over to Magnolia Down Under and
indulge your senses in the sneaky peak to end all sneakpeaks!!
She plans on starting pre-orders this coming Monday,
so keep your notebook and pen handy so you can
jot down the names of your MUST-HAVES,
lol, ALL OF THEM, hahahaha!!


Janiel/ janny said...

Stephaine VERY VERY CUTE!!!!!!!! LOVE your card.. hugs, janny

Sue said...

ok you're right, they are all so cute.
That Tilda looks great in every new situation and outfit!!!!!! And Edwin too!

Jeanette said...

Oh my gosh..........these are so CUTE! I just had a look at them all at the MDU site and I am going to be in deep trouble......I think I need them all! LOL!
Thanks for you sweet comment on my blog. I have been looking at all your gorgeous Magnolia!
Hugs Jeanette