Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nurse Doraline meets Amy's notebook

Hiya folks.
I have spent more time than I should admit to
just trying to get things unpacked and back
into their place since my little trip with the fam,
and likewise, getting reacquainted with my crafting supplies
has not been as effortless as I would have thought.

Without further ado, I bring you Nurse Amy's Notebook:

It seems that with leaving behind the crafting
for a week has made me want to use
every single supply I own in one project, lol.

Doraline Close-up:

You can tell it was creeping into the wee hours of the morning
with all the weird cast of colours
from artificial light on my pictures..

Close-up of the bloomage:

This notebook is for a friend of mine, Amy (really?)
who's going through a nursing program at the moment,
so Doraline in her nursing getup was a must.
This gal is just as loopy as myself,
so when it came to making her something,
I knew I needn't hold back.
Colours galore, bold papers, lots of ripping and distressing,
beadwork in my glittered blooms, ribbons!!!
Sorry, go get a couple of Advil to comfort yourself after
looking at this creation.
Shoulda called it "Amy's Busy Book."

Couldn't find a challenge to stick this in,
but thought I'd post it anyway.
And also, if you've been looking for Doraline and Dexter
and can't find a way to nab a few,
you can shop at
to getcha some of these cuties.

Happy crafting to you all, hope you'll leave me a comment,
I love to hear from other crafters.


Handmade with Love said...

Hi. Hope you had a lovely trip. This notebook is lovely! The image is cute and I love all your ribbons and bloomage! Your friend will be so pleased! Tracey x

Sue said...

Glad your back, missed you. What a nice notebook, your friend the nurse will love it.
Great colors, nice and bright and cherry.